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Accounting Services

More than 70 international companies advised annually

25 years of experience in local and international accounting

Over 50 accounting specialists across the Baltics

Over 1000 tax returns completed and 60 financial statements prepared annually

PwC's department of accounting services has extensive experience in assisting both domestic and international clients. To maintain our quality standard, we regularly train our team and adhere to the four-eyes principle in all our assignments. We provide our clients with tailor-made accounting and consulting services of highest quality. Our services include day-to-day accounting, reporting, tax accounting and filing. We provide accounting and tax compliance service also to branches and permanent establishments.

We are flexible in meeting our clients’ wishes and needs. The financial statements prepared by us comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and/or Estonian Accounting Standards (RTJ). Thanks to the excellent knowledge of our colleagues specialising in auditing, tax and legal issues, we always keep abreast of the latest legislative changes and practices.

The competitive advantage offered by PwC is that we make available our top business consultancy professionals for you. They provide our day-to-day services with the highest quality and are able to swiftly and professionally resolve any issues that may arise in the course of your business activities. PwC can thus take care of all issues related to accounting, while the client can focus on core business issues.

Day-to-day accounting and tax accounting

We handle the entire day-to-day accounting of our clients from invoicing and payments to reporting. We are happy to take the accounting tasks off your hands, so that you can concentrate on the core activities in your area of operation and implementing your business plans.  

  • We set up accounting, draw up internal accounting policies and create an account plan
  • We organise either full or partial accounting (e.g. accounts payable and cost accounting, fixed assets accounting, accounting of bank transactions, accounting of financial investments, preparation of annual reports, etc.)
  • We offer full or partial tax accounting, including preparation of VAT return, TSD return, report on intra-community supply
  • We represent you in communication with the authorities and respond to inquiries from the authorities
  • We advise you on complex accounting transactions and on their recognition
  • We check the accounting and tax accounting of prior periods
  • We re-arrange prior periods
  • We restore your accounting
  • We track invoice receipts and send out payment reminders and balance confirmations


We exercise quality control over the reports we prepare to ensure that the reports comply with current legislative requirements and/or standards.

  • We prepare and submit financial statements (including consolidated financial statements) 
  • We represent clients in communication with auditors and respond to auditors’ inquiries
  • We create intrastat, central bank and statistics reports 
  • We prepare management reports pursuant to the client’s requirements
  • We produce financial analyses and forecasts according to the client’s wishes and needs

Payroll and related services

We use the software Taavi Palk for payroll, but we are willing to use your own payroll software, if you so require. Our response in payroll issues is always quick and flexible, and we grant the confidentiality of your data.

  • We perform monthly payroll (salaries, sick pay, holiday pay, overtime, bonuses, withholdings, final settlement) 
  • We keep payroll records for employees and ensure the availability of current and correct information (pay slips, holiday pay reports, etc.) 
  • We manage payroll documentation (tax-free income applications, sick leave certificates, etc.) 
  • We prepare monthly returns on income and social tax, statutory funded pension and unemployment insurance contributions (TSD)
  • We produce statistical reports (e.g. wage statistics, labour turnover)
  • We keep the employee register (adding and removing employees to the register, as required)
  • We communicate with the National Social Insurance Board on your behalf

Accounting consultancy services

The increasingly complex issues of accounting and financial management  require specialist knowledge that helps you make the best decisions. Resolution of such complex issues often makes it necessary to involve an independent expert. The leading auditors of PwC are among Estonia’s best and most experienced teams of accountants, and they are highly competent in various fields of business.

  • We advise clients on the transition from the Estonian financial reporting standard to IFRS or vice versa
  • We advise clients on the transition from other financial reporting standards to the Estonian financial reporting standard
  • We provide tailor-made training (for example, basics of accounting, new accounting standards, internal control environment, fraud, etc.)
  • We assist clients in drafting or reviewing accounting charts, internal policies and harmonising accounting policies, processes, reporting formats, etc.
  • In case of complex transactions, we assist you in accounting for  corporate acquisitions, sales, mergers, divisions, options issues and many other transactions.
  • We provide a one-stop-shop service for transactions and reporting in partnership with PwC Advisory, the most experienced transaction advisory team on the market, and with PwC Legal, the law firm, assisting you in all matters from legal issues to accounting entries
  • If data collection for a group is time-consuming and not fully automated, we provide solutions for facilitating the work or help you set up an efficient and reliable solution for data consolidation
  • If your financial reporting process is not sufficiently fast or reliable, we will help you analyse how to speed up the process of preparing financial statements and make the content of the statements more reliable

Registration and other support services

We assist our clients in obtaining the necessary registrations in Estonia and help them assess their need for registration. We also provide a support service of performing the administrative activities for our clients who so require. 

  • We help our clients obtain the following registrations/accesses:
    • VAT registration 
    • Registration of the permanent establishment
    • Registration as a non-resident employer in Estonia
    • Requesting an EORI Number
    • Applying for access to the e-Tax Board
    • Applying for access to eSTAT
    • Opening a bank account
  • Other support services
    • Inbox service (for regular mail or e-mail) - we receive, sort and register mail that is sent to your business, and, if necessary, scan and forward it to you by e-mail, regular mail, or courier service. 
    • Provision of a contact or a legal address - we offer the service of providing a contact address or a  legal address for companies established abroad. 
    • Document management
    • Organising translation of documents

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Heleri Tinno

Finance Leader, PwC Estonia

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